COVID NOTICE: Please see the COVID-19 page for continued Coronavirus protocol related to visiting the office.



Dr. Roy and staff have received the vaccine series against coronavirus and the booster.

Please expect to follow the guidelines of social distancing and other precautions as Dr. Roy and the staff will follow the protocol of the governing Alabama state board in the care of each patient.

Those of you have who have been cared for by Dr. Roy will recall he has worn a mask during flu season for over two decades, and you will recall that the equipment has been cleaned in front of you by the dedicated staff in preparation for Dr. Roy to see you. The upcoming days, weeks, and months will entail a deeper cleaning than you have witnessed in all the times before. So be prepared for these extra steps for the protection of you, and your loved ones. The staff and Dr. Roy continue to believe the extra steps and protocol is in the best interests of patients and the staff. The below are the COVID-19 protocols from the Alabama Board of Optometry, which Dr. Roy will follow during your care.

Patients must follow our clinic and office capacity and respect social distancing guidelines, which will be posted on the clinic door.

Our staff will implement the following:

Beginning of each day:
- Screen Dr. Roy and staff for well-being, record temperature.
- Staff with significant comorbidities may stay at home.

Patient scheduling:
- Patients are specifically scheduled to avoid simultaneous arrivals.
- Patients are advised to travel to the clinic/office with a minimum number of companions. Companions will be required to stay in their vehicles.

Our staff will make appointment confirmation calls and, screen patients on the day of service for:
- Fever, recent fever, cough, or flu-like symptoms? Postpone visit, advise to see PCP.
- History of chronic respiratory disease or immunocompromised should consider postponing the visit.

Upon patient’s arrival:
- Patient calls the clinic/office at 256-378-5507. Staff will likely open the locked door (minimizing surface contacts).
- Verify patient identity, health status, check the patient's temperature.
- If any fever, advise them to contact their medical doctor, and do not remain in the clinic/office.
- Patient is to go directly to the exam room for the evaluation.
- Patient shall arrive at the office wearing a mask in accordance with CDC/ADPH recommendations.

In the examination room:
- Maintain proper clinical hygiene and infection control procedures per CDC guidelines.
- The patient may be required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival in the exam room.
- Dr. Roy will continue to wear a mask, wash hands, and wear disposable gloves when needed in accordance with CDC/ADPH recommendations.
- After examination, instruments are properly disinfected, disposables processed, hands washed.

In the optical dispensary:
- Clinic staff and the patient will continue to wear a mask in accordance with CDC/ADPH recommendations.

Dr. Roy and staff review and monitor the following websites to stay updated on COVID-19 concerns:

- Alabama Department of Public Health (,
- Centers for Disease Control (,
- Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (, and
- Alabama Board of Optometry (
- American Optometric Association (

 December 9 , 2021

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